Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enjoy Sky Broadband with Multiple Benefits

Sky Broadband services make sure they give their customers maximum benefits from their connection. Along with high speed and reliable broadband connection Sky also provides value added services which are of great benefits to its customers.

Sky broadband users can enjoy up to 20 Mb speed which means instant Internet access and hassle free uploading and downloading. There is a 24*7 customer support available through which any connection problems or other queries are addressed quickly. Even switching to Sky broadband is an easy process which can be done online in minutes.

Apart from the best broadband connectivity Sky customers get complimentary services like Sky Chat, Sky Email, access to Sky Player, online data storing and sharing options and more. With Sky Chat users can stay connected and chat with their important contacts, the chats can even be stored as e mails online and be viewed in future. Sky also gives its users the option of creating up to 10 email ids having 10GB storage facility each. So there is no need to worry about lack of data storage space online and there is no risk of losing the data as it will be secure and safe. Sky broadband customers also get access to Sky Player through which they can watch live TV online and a lot of other content including movies, news channels etc. Their online data sharing and storing options give users the freedom to access and share their data with people anywhere. The calendar service keeps Sky Broadband users informed about the upcoming events once they are stored.

Sky Broadband makes online life easy and highly manageable through its speed and the additional services. Hence choosing Sky over other broadband providers will always give its users a sense of freedom and quick connectivity.

Sky Plus HD box offers high definition viewing of all Sky channels. Sky Plus HD box comes with all the features of Sky and even more storage, so you can record, pause and rewind live TV.

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